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Ryō is the leader of a small platoon of 8 males.

Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion

He and his platoon were sent by the Masamune of the Kurohabaki Clan to find males who were worthy enough to join Masamune's army.

While travelling in the mountains in Ōu, he stumbles in to Orion, but doesn't decide to harm him. Before he and his followers left Orion, the red-fured puppy insults him, telling him to get lost. With rage, Ryō attacks him. Although Orion is a skilled fighter, Ryō's followers outnumber him and the pit bull tortures him, telling him to apologize. Before Ryō smashs Orion on a tree to give him the final blow, Heizō uses his body to shield the attack and gores Ryō's right eye. While he sceams in pain and his platoon peruses his attacker, Ryō noticed that the pup is gone, who was in fact rescued by Tyson, Heizō's friend. After his followers were defeated by Izō, Shirozaru and Sasuke, Ryō tells them about their relations with the Kurohabaki Clan and every thing was settled. From that day, Ryō and his pack joined the Ōu soldiers and Orion and Heizō forgave them. However, when Tesshin's pack fought against the Kurohabaki Clan, lead by Masashige, Ryō and his followers did not participate in the fight, for they did not want to betray their clan. After the fight, Ryō and his pack leaves the Ōu soldiers, unsure on which side they should support.


  • Some fans belive Ryō is an American Staffordshire Terrier, but nothing is confirmed