Saburō (Pack Leader)

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This article is about the Pack Leader.
other variants: SaburōSaburō from the Monkey Arc

Saburō' was the leader of a pack at the borders of Hyougo and Kioto.


Ginga Densetsu Weed

5 years ago, Saburō found the young Borzoi brothers Rocket, Jet, and Missile who were abandoned in the mountains and took them in for care.

However, Saburō was overthrown by the Husky brothers Sakon and Ukon. They took over the pack and tormented the Borzoi brothers everyday, possibly due to their differing appearance. One day, Saburō had enough and he begged them to hurt him instead of the young Borzois. The Husky brothers accepted this and killed the old leader. Before he died he pleaded the Borzoi brothers to live a life with a purpose.