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Sacchan is an air-headed student and a friend of Kazue and Toshiaki. She's been mentioned to have a big butt but a small brain. She enjoys skiing and gets a new boyfriend at least once a year.

Ginga Nagareboshi Gin


Sacchan is a student girl who came to Akita to ski with her boyfriend and big group of friends.

She and her friends stay in the Fujiwara inn owned by Daisuke's Mother and her husband Kōsaku Fujiwara after a snowstorm hits. They go to see Fuji's newborn puppies and Sacchan points out that the white one is cuter than Gin. The owners' son Daisuke is angered by this and slaps her butt. She doesn't seem to listen Daisuke's lecture about good hunting dogs and pets Fuji instead. When Daisuke points out that Sacchan's boy friends are probably after girls instead of good education, Sacchan tries to hug him and calls him cute and precocious. She is later seen worried with her friends and asking what happened to Kazue and Toshiaki after Akakabuto's attack. Daisuke tells them that Toshiaki is dead and he doesn't know Kazue's state.

Despite these rather traumatic events, Sacchan laters makes a cameo in the end of the series as she returns to Akita to ski with her friends. She now has a new boyfriend and she is eager to see Gin - the famous dog who defeated Akakabuto. Daisuke greets her by slapping her butt, telling her that Gin is not around and pointing out that she had a different boyfriend last time they met. She assures her boyfriend that Daisuke was only joking and angrily chases after him but calms down to ask about Gin.


Sacchan is a tourist student. She sees Fuji's newborn puppies and says that the white puppy is cuter than Gin, making Daisuke slap her butt.


  • The -chan in Sacchan is that Sacchan is her nickname, little cute Sa, and she has a longer full name.