Seiji's Son

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Seiji 's son . His father was a leader of a small pack in the Memanbetsu area of ​​Hokkaido. He resembles his absolutely deceased grandfather, Saburō.

Ginga Densetsu Weed

He arrived with his father Seiji and a few others to support Hakurō in the fight against Russian war dogs. When Hakurō asked about the boy's age, he lied that he was a year and two months old. Hakurō told the puppy that he was not going to send him to war, and rebuked Seiji for taking the puppy with him.

Later, when the war begins, Seiji's son is involved in a fleeing group of females and puppies. They are harassed by the war dogs on the cliff and say that the entire Hakurō army has been destroyed. Seiji's son and other male puppies bravely attack from superiority against the enemy, but the war dogs kill the puppies in an instant.