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Shōta is the son of Mari and brother of Hiroko and their brother.

Ginga Densetsu Weed

Their father had died several months ago, so the mother Mari was the only one raising them. When they where three months old, a human captured Shōta and he was put into a shelter with other dogs. Mari found her pup after two weeks of searching's and then fed him though the bars as he was smaller and weaker to the rest of the dogs in the shelter. However, a few days later, the human saw Mari feeding her pup and the human struck Mari in anger. Mari was badly wounded, and tried to find the Ōu Army to help her. Luckily some Ōu soldiers that were returning from Hokkaidō met Mari and she asked them for help. Weed, Rocket, Kyōshirō, Sasuke and GB freed all the trapped dogs and Shōta returned to his mother and siblings.


  • Some fans believe Shōta to be a saluki or a saluki mix, but nothing is confirmed.