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Shiba is a ganin of the Kagerō Clan, a sevant of lord Eda and under the command of Gamu. He has psychic powers which can bewilder humans into pointing their weapons at each other instead of the ganins.


Shiba is very impulsive and arrogant.

Kacchū No Senshi Gamu

When Shiba is sent out to deliver a secret message for lord Eda, he gets caught by the evil ganin Belmondo. He's then used as bait to bring out Gamu. After the death of Belmondo, Shiba is ordered to stay where he is to recover. However, Shiba doesn’t listen to Gamu and runs back to the village. When he sees his master, Ryūgen commit suicide, Shiba jumps into the flames to try and save his master together with Kusakage. Ryūgen saved them both by using his body to shield them.

Shiba re-appers after the death of the warlord Imagawa Yoshimoto. He heard that it was the Kagerō clan that defeated the lord and he went out together with Jūshirō Motegi to find lord Rando. They team up together and plan to defeat Gama.