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Shingo is a rejection of a former mountain group.

Ginga Densetsu Weed


One day he found the cabin, where Hōgen and Genba were cooped up. Shingo saw how Hōgen and Genba were ravaged by hunger and ate all the other dogs. He also saw how the dogs owner later returned to the site, and how Hōgen attacked the man, killed him, and fled.

Shingo had to cope with joining Kamakiri's forces. There, he met Kerry, with whom he fled with after the fighting. Together, they found Tōbē in the river drowning. Shingo ran to get help from Weed's group. Tōbē, he, and Kerry went with Weed's pack to their hideout, where Shingo told Weed what Hōgen and Genba had done with the other dogs at the abandoned cabin. Shingo and Kerry are not seen afterwards.


He was shocked when Kerry was about to tell Hougen about the Ōu army´s whereabout´s When Jerome stopped him and both Shingo and Kerry run away.