Shinjirō Sawamura

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Shinjirō Sawamura

Shinjirō Sawamura is the main villian.

He's the second son of Yoshito Sawamura, husband of Yoshiko Sawamura, father of Tatsuya and Junya Sawamura, brother of Giichirō Sawamura, Seisaburō Sawamura, and Rumi Satō, uncle of Yūta Satō, and Anju

Ginga Densetsu Anju To Jirōmaru

When his elder brother Giichirō Sawamura died in a car crash with his wife and two of their three children, he had to take in the surviving niece Anju. Him, his wife Yoshiko and their sons Tatsuya and Junya do not treat Anju well. Because of that, his own father Yoshito came one night with his akita dog Yuki and took Anju with him.

After he got the news of his father passing away two years later, he once again take Anju with him and put the four pups Jirōmaru, Tarōmaru, Saburōmaru and Koyuki in a bag. For the funeral, Shinjirō makes his sister Rumi sign papers that all from their father shall go to him, and plan to make his other brother Seisaburō to do the same. But as his father didn't have any in bank, he once again goes to the cabin, where he sees three of the pups. Shinjirō doesn't find anything in the cabin when the phone rings. He answers and gets to know his father have collected gold and it's hidden somewhere and think Anju must know. But plans doesn't go as he thought as Anju has escaped with help of the fourth pup, Jirōmaru. He then finds out that Seisaburō is back and follow them from the cabin with a gun. The greed has driven him mad and is about to shoot both Anju and Seisaburō, but Jirōmaru jumps in between and is shot. He then breaks down in tears.

Nineteen years later, he's working at Jirōmaru's Memorial Hospital when his brother Seisaburō is on her way. Rumi and her son are there as well. They all greet Anju, the new doctor.