Silver Fang

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Silver Fang is mother of Zero and mate of Silver Arrow.

Byakuren No Fang

Her mate Silver Arrow is the old wolf king with the most influence in Siberia. As her son is taken away by Belgian poachers, she and the pack chase the humans. While the pack chases the humans, Silver Arrow is shot by Dennis. As her mate passes away he entrusts her with finding their son. After the death of Silver Arrow, Silver Fang tracks the poacher Dennis to Japan, as he couldn't shake her off no matter if he took the ship or the train. After three months she found him and killed him, leaving him for dead in a ditch. Later, she finally finds her son at Makoto's house and tries to take him back home to Siberia, but the Tosa Unryū catches up with them on their way to fight her son. But as a parent Silver Fang is the one fighting with the Tosa. As a wolf she has the agility over Unryū, but then the dog gets ahold of Silver Fangs throat. Unryū isn't letting go, even is the pup attacks him, till his master Shinnosuke Anzai's comrades comes and blows in the Tosa's ear that he let go of Silver Fang, who has died. Seconds later Shinnosuke Anzai shows up and her son's fate is given, to avenge her death on Unryū and Anzai.


  • Her name rings with the Scandinavian title of GNG, while her mate Silver Arrow rings with the Finnish title of GNG, Hopeanuoli.