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Suiga is one of hakkenshi of Sirius and Reima's minion. He is a Sai Warrior. He is a rather huge wolf and a great swimmer. He was an apprentice of Fūga.


Suiga is a large wolf with a mane of longspun hair. He has brown fur with black markings. He has two big dark dots over his eyes, and triangular markings beneath them. His mane is black at the tips, and is particularly visible when submerged under water. He has a striped muzzle, but also a striped back and tail that has spots on it. His eyes are light with a black cornea.


Suiga was loyal and slightly evil hakkenshi. However, he had a sense of honour and growing sense of justice he got from Fūga. He respects Fūga deeply, even more than Noroi, and gets furious if he feels that someone is insulting his former master. He shows his good side when he saves Gin and stops Retsuga and Fūga from fighting.

Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin

Suiga was an apprentice of Fūga before he left the wolves. He also saw afterwards how Noroi killed Retsuga's mother.

Wolf Arc

Suiga pulled Gin into an underwater cave and almost killed him with his Sai Raijin Battōga, but after he sees Gin using the technique of Fūga, he lets go. When Retsuga and Fūga were fighting, Suiga jumps between the combatants and tells them Noroi had killed Retsuga's mother. Suiga follows his leader to Hokkaidō to fight evil wolf lord Gaia. Gaia's Pup Soldiers start to commit suicide attacks by trying to pull Gin's pack into the lava along with themselves. The pup soldiers manages to drag Suiga into the lava, and they all burned to death.