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Taichi Ito is a major character and a ninja in the Iga Clan.

He is son of Kihē Itō and Kaede Itō and the ypunger brother of Ryōjun Itō.


He wanted to help his family in various positions, but other family members considered him too young. He felt a kind of similarity between the family ninja dogs, because they grew up with.

Ginga Densetsu Akame

When in 1579 one of the family ninja dogs, Kotobuki got puppies, Taichi's father threatened to leave the only white puppy to starve to death, as the white coats of dogs is not considered appropriate for ninja. However, Taichi talked him around and got a puppy's responsibility. The boy clung to it and named it Hakutaka (shite hawk) as the father is named Ōzaru, big monkey, believing that the white puppy had to be something special.

Taichi is seen most often with Kotobuki and to lay this puppy. However, Taichi soon had to leave his home with his mother and dogs, when Kōga Clan and Nobukatsu Oda were attacking the Iga Clan. He would have liked to stay to defend the buildings and fight against ninjas Koga, but during an attack followed by his mother, secret passage that leads to safety. Taichi's family survives the war and Iga Ninjas win.

The next year and a half, Taichi practicing ninja skills.