Takumi Ishii

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Takumi Ishii is Benizakura's original owner. He is the father of Yasuko and Kazuhiro.

Benizakura Hen

Takumi Ishii lives in Sannohe with his family. His dog Chako gives birth to three puppies but for his disappointment they're all small thus likely not future fighting dogs. Some months later, they hear fighting sounds and Takumi's senses the strong fighting aura of the smallest pup who had beaten his bigger brother. Later, Mr. Aoshima's dog is beaten by the smallest pup Benizakura. Takumi goes to apologize Aoshima along with his son but Aoshima tells them that there is no reason to apologize and that he is actually interested in Benizakura as a fighting dog. Many men want to buy Benizakura to be their fighting dog, but Takumi refuses and lets Mr. Aoshima to train him instead and Aoshima eventually becomes the owner of Benizakura.