Ten Fighters Of The Underworld

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The Ten Fighters Of The Underworld (jap. 魔界十人衆, Makai Jūninshū) is ten fighters for Gaia of the Army Of Black Wolf's Empire. They're the lowest leveled soldiers, and led by the coward Mugen.

Gaia sends them out yto find Gin, the dog that can do the Zetsu Tenrō Battōga, and find Reima's palace. When they're looking for information, they kill Bill and Bemu and wound Hakurō. They find Reima's palace after the trainer Noroi tells them. Mugen almost kills Noroi and send his Fighters to the Reima's palace. The are stopped by the blind gatekeeper, Mukonga. One of them, Thunder Wolf, challange Mukonga and both of them are killed in the battle.

Right after Reima and his Hakkenshi arrives and easy defeat the Fighters. Their leader Mugen escapes and is never seen again.