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Toki is the father of Mimi and is Mika's mate.

Shin Gaiden

Toki lived happily with his family in the large and peaceful pack in Gunma Prefecture.

However, their home was attacked by tyrannical Wolf who took over the whole area and killed everyone who tried to fight back. Wolf wanted females and one day his minions took away Toki's mate Mika. Toki was too scared to help his mate who died when she fell off a cliff.

Few days later, Toki moves in the mountains with his daughter Mimi. Wolf's minions, including Cool, notice them and assume they're planning to escape. Ron and Buru show up and defend Toki, even though Toki tries to tell them to go away to prevent them from getting hurt. Cool is suspicious and leaves with the other minions.

Toki finally decides to challenge Wolf and tells Mimi to go with Ron and Buru to keep her safe. Toki tries to get other pack members on his side to help but they're all too scared of Wolf. Toki decides that he will then fight Wolf alone, even if he dies. Ron shows up, telling him not to die and leave his daughter an orphan, and tells him that he'll help him.

Ron creates a plan and gets the other dogs on his side, though they're unsure. Toki sneaks to see Wolf while the other dogs hide and wait. Toki tricks most of Wolf's bodyguards away by telling them that he has hunted down a wild boar but it's too heavy for him to move.

Toki defeats Wolf's bodyguard and then attacks the tyrant himself. However, Wolf is much stronger and starts to beat Toki. Ron and Buru come to help and eventually they manage to defeat Wolf who drowns into the whirlpools of the reservoir.

Wolf's minions get chased away and peace is restored. Toki can again live happily with his daughter and he is very thankful to Ron and Buru.


  • Some fans believe Toki is a Kishu, but nothing is confirmed