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Tomon of Karadaki, or Tomon Karadaki, is an Ōu soldier veteran. He's the protagonist in his own short story Karadaki No Tomon.



Karadaki No Tomon

When he was 10 years old, Tomon fought in the battle against Akakabuto. He went to fight with 3 other males from his pack but only he survived. His friend Yoshinao, Toshi's father, saved him from bear which unfortunately costed his life. Tomon returned home and the war had changed his way of thinking. He deeply thought about life and gratefulness. His strength and wisdom made him a great hero and he was highly respected. He became the Elder's right hand and the guardian of the pack. Even the pet dogs and the hunting dogs respected Tomon deeply.

Unfortunately, 4 years later, the young dogs of the pack started to lose their respect towards Tomon and many other things. That is because they had only lived easy life. Tomon wanted to teach them manners and gratefulness. When a hen is stolen from the humans, Tomon assumes that bad-mannered youngster Toshi did it. Toshi's thievery turns humans angry and they attack the neighbor pack. Tomon tries to convey Toshi to have responsibility but eventually leaves alone to help Eijirō's pack. He almost gets shot by humans but he is defended by Toshi and Steel's hunting dog group. Peace returns and Tomon is happy to notice that Toshi has grown and decides to give the leadership for the young dog.