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Toshi is a young dog from Tomon's pack.


He is bad-mannered, selfish and rude youngster with little respect for older people.

Shin Gaiden - Karadaki no Tomon

His father Yoshinao died in the battle against Akakabuto 4 years ago and he seems to be bitter about this towards Tomon, believing that he ran away instead of fighting like his father. Toshi's uncaring and ungrateful nature often annoys the Elder and Tomon. Toshi often orders around small pup Hiromu, believing to be his boss. One day, Toshi steals a hen from the humans of the neighbor territory. He doesn't admit this even when chaos breaks and humans start to attack the neighbor pack lead by Eijirō. Tomon tells Toshi that he knows he's the thief and also explains that Yoshinao died when he sacrificed himself for Tomon. Toshi believes the old dog is lying and attacks him only to lose the fight. When Toshi refuses to go help the neighbor pack, Tomon goes alone. Eventually, Toshi finally feels responsibility and follows Tomon. He comes in time to protect Tomon from human guns. The two are saved by Steel's hunting dog group. The incident changed Toshi as he got better manners and started to take responsibility. Tomon eventually gave him the leadership of the pack.


  • Some fans believe Toshi to be a Great Dane, but nothing is confirmed.