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Toshiaki is a student from Tokyo and one of Sacchan's friends. He is Kazue's love interest and calls her Kazu.

Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin


Toshiaki is a student who came to Akita to ski with his friends. When a snowstorm rises, he is with his romantic interest Kazue. Toshiaki leads them and they get lost.

Kazue assumes that Toshiaki wanted them to get lost so they could be all alone, though Toshiaki denies this. She and Toshiaki attempt to kiss but the romantic scenery is quickly interrupted when the monstrous Akakabuto bear appears and rips off Toshiaki's head with one strike. Toshiaki died immediately.


Kazue and Toshiaki do not appear in the anime and instead they're replaced with a lost skier.