Tsukikage (Iga)

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Tsukikage was a member of the Iga Clan and a follower of Akame.

Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin

After Maya and other Kōga dogs attacked Gin and four dogs, where Hayato and his brother committed suicide, Akame comes and tell them about the missunderstanding and that Ben and the others are in danger by poison. One of the two remaining Igas are called Tsukikage. But later they are called Jinnai and Kirikaze.


  • So Tsukikage being named there was either a mistake, or the other Iga simply said the wrong name that could either be:
  • In both Meteor Gin and Ginga Yondai, Tsukikage is said to be the one to go with Akame to get the herbs.
  • In Ginga Yondai, Tsukikage is called Tsukikaze (月風).
  • As Akame was the last Iga dog after Akakabuto's fall, besides the pups that had been given to humans beforehand, no matter who Tsukikage was, he's deceased.