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Vamos, known as the lord of Kōfu, is the main antagonist of the first Lonely Ron story.

Lonely Ron

Vamos leads a group of wild dogs in Yamanashi Prefecture. He protects his territory viciously.

When he finds out that the Kai-ken Buru has stolen prey on his territory, he hunts him down ruthlessly and nearly killed him. Vamos and his minions track down Buru but soon get chased away by Buru's new friend: the Great Dane called Ron.

Vamos encounters Ron again, finding out that he's a coward. He tells Ron to leave, saying that killing a pathetic coward would be bad for his reputation. However, Ron gathers his courage and and almost kills Vamos to avenge the supposed death of Buru.

Ron lets Vamos go as his puppies show up, begging him to spare their father. Ron tells Vamos to welcome every trespasser in his territory from now on, as they're all former pet dogs and they should help their comrades in need.