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The village mayor is the mayor in Higashinaruse village.

He's the father of Hidetoshi Sekiguchi, brother of the deputy village mayor.

Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin

Even though Akakabuto is dangerous towards humans, the mayor refuses to tell the tourists about it because their village is in need of money and workers.

One day, he goes to the mountains with Gohē Takeda and his hunting dogs. He is afraid and blames Gohē because his gunshot five years ago caused Akakabuto's brain damage and inability to hibernate like normal bears. They hear a scream and find Kazue. Her boyfriend Toshiaki's head has been ripped off by Akakabuto. The sight makes the mayor puke. Gohē calls him a coward and tells him to take himself and the girl back to the village. The mayor suggests that they should stay together.

Akakabuto soon attacks again, this time from a tree, and severely wounds the mayor and kills the hunting dogs Aka and Don. A bit later, Daisuke shows up on his snowmobile and the mayor tells him to get help. The mayor is taken to hospital and Daisuke asks from him what happened to Gohē and Riki. The mayor tells him that Gohē was wounded and Riki as well when he protected his master. He soon dies after this and his role as a mayor is taken by his younger brother.