White Tiger

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White Tiger was one of Gaia's hakkenshi of darkness. He is a Shū warrior. He claims his ancestors were Kōga ninja dogs. Because of this, he knows shinobi techniques and can climb in trees.


He is mostly Hokkaido Wolf but has some dog blood.


Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin

White Tiger was trained by Juga to be a hakkenshi of Sirius. Just like the other hakkenshi of Gaia, he believed he was a true hakkenshi. He awaits Gin's groups arrival with Blacksnake. He challenges the Shū warrior Akame who he sees as a natural enemy as he's an Iga ninja dog. White Tiger fights Akame with the help of naturally caused water from geysers. However, he is overly confident and eventually Akame pierces his throat and tears it open, he dies because of his wound.