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Wolf is the main antagonist of the second Lonely Ron story.

Lonely Ron

Wolf was a leader of a small rogue pack of 4 dogs including Cool.

They moved to Gunma Prefecture and attacked the local pack. Wolf and his minions killed all who tried to fight back, including females and puppies. It took only three days for them to take over the whole territory. Wolf also killed all who tried to run away.

Wolf became a tyrannical leader and the local dogs lived in fear as his minions. Perverted Wolf regularly ordered females for him to use. One day, it was Mika's turn and she died when she tried to escape.

Mika's mate Toki finally gathered his courage and planned to fight Wolf even though no one else in the pack dared to join him. Toki tricks most of Wolf's close minions away and attacks the tyrant. Much stronger Wolf started to beat Toki but was stopped by Toki's new friend Ron. Wolf starts to beat Ron as well after realizing that the big dog isn't as tough as he looks like. Buru shows up to fight Wolf as well and they both fall into reservoir.

Wolf is caught in the whirlpools and drowns, ending his tyranny which lasted for a one year.