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Yamada was one of four men who set out to blow up the Gajō .

Ginga Densetsu Weed

They landed on a rope from a helicopter to the top of Gajō, and put on gas masks. Then they threw tear gas grenades down among the dogs at the foot of Gajō. The dogs had to flee, and the men were able to place explosives inside Gajō. The men returned to the top of Gajō, and were just grabbing ropes to climb back into the helicopter as Yamada stumbled and fell down the slope of Gajō. Hōgen immediately attacked the man. Yamada’s comrades would have shot Hōgen if they had been able to aim accurately.

Then Weed, Tesshin, and Jerome ran to the scene. Jerome and Tesshin helped Weed through Hōgen's troops, and Weed attacked Hōgen and saved Yamada. Daisuke, Hidetoshi and Shōji Sudō watched the events from the helicopter in amazement, and Yamada was thrown a rope. Another man started firing at Hōgen, but Yamada told him to stop not to hit Weed. Eventually, all the men got back into the helicopter.