Yoshiko Sawamura

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Yoshiko Sawamura

Yoshiko Sawamura is a minor character.

She's the wife of Shinjirō, and mother of Tatsuya and Junya.

Ginga Densetsu Anju To Jirōmaru

Yoshiko's family took in Shinjirō's niece when her family died, and none where happy about it. One winter night, her father-in-law Yoshito came by with his akita dog Yuki and took Anju with him.

When her father-in-law died the family once again took in Anju. During the funeral she yawned and was bored. Yoshiko was watching a program on TV when Anju fled in company of the pup Jirōmaru. She got yelled at by her husband when he cam home, but she couldn't be bothered as her Korean soup was about to star.