BreedMastiff Mix
Voice Actor
GDWSusumu Akagi

Bell is a background character of Ginga Densetsu Weed in the Monster Arc with a short appearance. He is a member of the Mountain Trio living in the Aichi Mountains, consisting of him, the leader Blue and Ned.


Bell is a bully just like his two friends. He mentions that life is about killing others or getting killed yourself. But if it comes to someone having a benefit towards him, he gets scared and runs away, begging for his life when he’s captured. When he’s getting released he is grateful and don’t bother these people anymore. He is the most quiet member of the trio and generally the most passive, as he mainly just obeys orders.

Ginga Densetsu Weed


Bell rules the mountain together with Blue and Ned as the Mountain Trio, and seems to be the lowest rank. These three works together and uses pups to do get food to them. First they’re being nice and in return they want they to go to town to steal human food. One of the times, they had found Hook and his brother Kuro abounded and thrown in a river. As they grew bigger, Kuro began to speak up to the three, and get killed by Ned that hold him and Blue that tear out up his stomach killing the black pup. The next day Hook was captured by humans. Now they have taking in the Golden Retriever pup Mel after he was abounded in the mountains cause he cried for his mother. One day when Mel has brought them food, two strangers enter the territory and they end Mel to deal with them. It turns out to be Mel’s mother Lenny and Weed. Later a fight starts and Hook has returned with pet dogs from the area to bring the three dogs down. Ned and Bell get caught by Hook as they try to run away, and Ned gets his punishment from Hook, who rips off his left ear. After that the two of them run off to never been seen again.


Bell was a part of Blue’s Pack, and seemed to have a higher rank. As Hook, Smith, and GB get a hold of him and Ned, they try to escape with Blue, but fail at that attempt. They are spared, and not seen again.


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