Spelling VariantsBemu, Bem, Vem
CauseKilled by the Ten Fighters Of The Underworld
Voice Actor
GNGKōji Yada
GNGover 5 years old

Bemu is known as the lord of Satsuma and leads a pack of 300 dogs.


Bemu is a Boxer-like dog with brown fur and eyes. His belly is yellow in the GNG anime. His head was badly corroded and scarred by muriatic acid.


Bemu is a fighter with sense of honor, but being ashamed of his appearance, he shut himself away from the world and his heart became crooked. He was seemingly obsessed with manners and killed or blinded anyone who didn’t obey them, while in reality it was all only because of his own shame about his face. Bemu believes that other dogs find him disgusting as well and that they will either laugh or pity him. He was surprised when Great did neither of these and was loyal to his mission. He often tests the intruders bravery, finding it amusing. However, when he realizes that Great is serious, he saves him from death. Bemu admits his shame about his appearance and realizes that it isn’t important. In fighting, Bemu is strong and tough and can take even bad strikes.

Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin

Bemu was the leader of a pack in the area of Satsuma. Years ago, a human threw acid at his head, causing it to take the deformed form it now has. Being ashamed, Bemu either killed or blinded anyone who saw him.

Akakabuto Arc

Great came to ask him to join the Ohu dogs into the battle against Akakabuto. Bemu told Great to stand on railroad tracks as a train came by as a test of bravery. Great was ready to die and didn’t move, causing Bemu to save him and join the soldiers.

Wolf Arc

In the beginning, he is killed by the Ten Fighters of The Underworld.


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