What are you doing?! Who said you could retreat?!

Monsoon scolding his kin for retreating.GTLW, Chapter –

Gin! Do you think you can escape from me?!

– Monsoon chasing Gin through the forestGTLW, Ch –

They’ve been rotting for several days, do you expect me to eat something so rotten

– Monsoon telling Bob he won’t eat the rotting corpses of deceased Ōu SoldiersGTLW, Ch –

Why are you laughing at me?! I’ll crush you!!

– Monsoon screaming at Bob for laughing at him, threatening to kill him.GTLW, Ch –

Just take them… Before I change my mind.

– Monsoon showing mercy as he hands over the dead bodys of Fuyuoni and Hiromitsu to the Ōu Army.GTLWVol 7Ch 51

Friends? Friends?! If that’s the case then why did you leave me…?!”

– Monsoon feeling hurt by Sirius.GTLWChapter 155

I’m the son of Akakabuto! Drinking the blood of dogs satisfies my gravings and mood!

– Monsoon to Sirius, after he felt betrayed by him.GTLWCh155

Quotes from Flashbacks

From now on, these things are mine! I won’t let you lay a finger on them, if you do, I’ll kill you!

– Monsoon referring to Bob and his siblings as his kin tried to kill them.GTLW

Other’s Quotes

Although he thought about attacking Sirius, Monsoon took his anger out on the trees surrounding him.

– The narrator about Monsoon rather taking his anger out on trees than on Sirius.GTLW

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