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Ned is a background character of Ginga Densetsu Weed in the Monster Arc with a short appearance. He is a member of the Mountain Trio living in the Aichi Mountains, consisting of him, the leader Blue and Bell.


Ned is “the brains” of the trio. He is also the most bad-tempered and the most cruel of the three. At first Ned appears to be calmer than the other two and seemingly wants to solve quarrels with talking rather than hurting the pups, as he is seen defending Mel. However, this is all act and manipulation, as he later wants to make Mel fight against bigger dogs and he was the one who attacked Kuro and killed him with Blue. Ned is usually the one most eager to kill intruders. When he is captured himself, he claims all the fault on Blue and that he was just obeying orders. He runs away, whining after he lost his ear.

Ginga Densetsu Weed


Ned rules the mountain together with Blue and Bell as the Mountain Trio, and seems to be next in charge after Blue. These three works together and uses pups to do get food to them. First they tried being nice and in return they want they to go to town to steal human food. One time, they found Hook and his brother Kuro abandoned and thrown in a river. As they grew bigger, Kuro began to speak up to the three, and Ned grabbed him while Blue tore out his stomach, killing the pup. The next day Hook was captured by humans. Later, they took in the Golden Retriever pup Mel after he was abandoned in the mountains. One day when Mel brought them food, Ned sees two strangers enter the territory and sends Mel to deal with them. It turns out to be Mel’s mother Lenny and Weed. Later a fight starts and Hook has returned with pet dogs from the area to bring the three dogs down. Ned and Bell get caught by Hook as they try to run away, and Ned gets his punishment from Hook, who rips off his left ear. After that the two of them run off to never been seen again.


Ned is a part of Blue’s pack and seems to be of higher rank together with Bell. As Blue runs off, he and Bell follow but get caught by Hook, Smith and GB. Hook spares him and Bell but swears if he sees them again he will kill them. Ned and Bell run off and are not seen in the series again.


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