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CauseKilled by Gozaru's tribe

Shōgun (“general” in Finnish translation) is the tyrannical leader of the Japanese macaque tribe.


Shōgun is an albino gelada. As one, he can flip his lips up, so that his fangs are on full display. He has a big, white mane and a long tail. He has a small, triangular patch of skin on his chest.


He is very evil and will kill anyone, even those of his own tribe who stands against him. He feeds on puppies and small monkey babies.

Ginga Densetsu Weed – Monkey Arc

Shōgun is first seen demanding his followers to get him more puppies, as he enjoys drinking their blood mixed with liquor, which he drinks from a small bowl. When he is denied this chance, he captures a baby monkey straight from his mother’s arms and takes him into his shed. The father tries to fight back, but is killed very quickly and the baby is eaten by Shōgun.

When he tries to eat the baby PepeWeed’s and Yukimura’s packs attack him. He kills many of Yukimura’s dogs by swinging his axe through them before trying to escape for a better chance at killing the dogs. He leaps from a cliff, grabbing one of the ledges below and is greeted by his follower, Tobizaru. He acquires his weapon back and kills Tobizaru with it as punishment for abandoning him. Shogun loses his axe once more when Tobizaru falls from the cliff, still holding it.

Shōgun leaps down to confront the dogs and uses a log as a weapon. He injures GB in the fight, but manages to sustain a lot of damage from the other dogs. When Yukimura tries to help GB, Shōgun stabs him in the stomach with his branch. Shōgun continues to fight and doesn’t notice Yukimura above him as Jerome carried him up there. Shōgun is distracted by Weed as Yukimura jumps down and uses his own technique on Shōgun, taking part of his scalp off and badly wounding him. Shōgun tries to get up to fight more but Gosaru rushes in with the other monkeys and they beat him with sticks and rocks, killing him for good.

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