CurrentŌu Army
BreedAkita/Kishu Mix
BirthplaceNorthern Alps located in Nagano Prefecture
Voice Actor
GDW Sachi Kokuryu (Japanese) Coco Tao (Chinese)
GDW0.5 - 2 years old
GDWO2 - 2.5 years old
GTLW3 - 3.5 years old
GDN4 years old
Fur ColorSilver, White
Eye ColorBlue

Weed is the protagonist of Ginga Densetsu Weed and a main character of Ginga Densetsu Weed: OrionGinga: The Last Wars and Ginga Densetsu Noah.

He was the third generation Supreme Commander of the Ōu Army.

He is the great-grandson of Shiro and Yamabuki, the grandson of Riki and Fuji, the son of Gin and Sakura, the last-born brother of Joe and Yukimura and the second-uncle of Shion. Together with his mate Koyuki, he is the father of BellatrixOrionSirius and Rigel.


Weed is an Akita and Kishu mix, though is only mentioned to be an Akita in the story. He bears remarkable resemblance to his father, Gin, with a silver brindle fur, that is portrayed bluish in color in both the anime and manga and blue eyes.


Weed is a very brave, compassionate and kind dog with an unusually strong sense of justice. He also has a natural charisma like Gin that draws others towards him. He is friendly and always ready to help other dogs, rarely doubting their intentions.

When he is first met in the series, Weed is a polite and calm little puppy, raised well by his mother, Sakura. He later deeply mourns the death of his mother and often thinks of her and wishes her spirit to give him the strength to carry on. He isn’t afraid to die but hates the idea of others sacrificing themselves for him.

Weed, being raised with the rightful stories about his father, has a strong but slightly naive sense of moral. Even when he hadn’t met his father, he strongly believed in him and respected him, seeing him as the true symbol of justice.

Although evildoers make him angry, he wishes to give them a second chance as all living beings have only one life. He is shocked when Jerome disobeys him and kills the Foxhound Spies (Thunder and Lecter in the anime. However, after he calms down, he admits that Jerome’s doing sounded quite sensible as it saved him and his comrades.

He is very persistent, never giving up and telling others to hang on. Though he is small and not very strong yet, he has natural skill and great speed. He can be impulsive and reckless due to his youth and sometimes the swings of sadness and anger take control of him.

In GDWO, Weed has grown into a mature adult, as a father he loves his children dearly wishing for their well being and safety. But he is not afraid to discipline his children especially Orion when trying to teach him about the army’s rule of combat.

Despite having grown up as a wild dog his whole life, Weed like his family does have a soft spot for one human in particular and that’s Daisuke. He does appreciate Daisuke’s help when they need it showing his trust in his father’s owner.

He’s believed to inherit his grandfather Riki’s sense of justice and his father Gin’s courage.

Like his friends, he is also full of spirit and strong willed too.

Ginga Densetsu Weed Manga

Puppyhood – his first months

Weed was born in the Northern Alps together with his brothers Joe and Yukimura. While their father was on a journey in Ōu, their mother Sakura had to care for them on her own. But because she was ill while and after giving birth to them, she had much worries that she couldn’t care for all of her pups at once. Someday an unfamiliar but kind dog appeared and offered that mother his help. This dogs name was Saheiji. He was ready to hunt for them and teach the children. But that was just of short time because he also wanted to continue his way. The mother Sakura thanked him a lot for his help but started crying shortly before he wanted to go. She was so worried that she couldn’t care for her kids that she asked him to take them with him. She also told him this kids true bloodline, that they are the legendary Gin‘s sons. Saheiji was first shocked but understood that worrying woman and agreed on that. But he was only ready to take two of them; the two independent pups. The other pup who was still dependent on his mother shall stay by her side. This one puppy was Weed. So Saheiji went on with the two pups while the mother cried after them.

Beginning of the Story

After Saheiji took Weed’s brothers with him, Weed was the only one staying by his mothers side. But he was so young then that he can’t even remember that.

Many months passed and Weed got older. One day, in autumn, Weed was going for a hunt to bring his ill mother some food. But while attacking some birds an adult dog appeared. His name was GB. He caught one bird and was mad at that puppy ’cause he scared away all the birds. Instantly, Weed started to steal GB‘s food out of his mouth and got in trouble with him. Of course GB, the older and bigger one, overwhelmed him and pushed him to the ground, telling him it’s not okay to steal others food and starting fights with stronger dogs. Then, after he realized that he lost, Weed started to cry over his ill mother. In that moment GB gave in and got compassion with that small puppy. He gave him his prey and told him to run away from here, because of the evil boss dog Nero who would kill them when he finds them. Weed was happy, he thanked that dog and asked for his name. After that he ran to his mother, not giving GB the possibility to ask for his name too.

Some time later, after GB got in trouble with Nero, he ran after the flying crows and saw on his way Weed with his ill mother. They gathered because of his mother who was on her way to death. GB immadiately started chasing these birds and scared them away, also catching one of them. That was the moment he met Weed’s serisously ill mother. Now she was telling Weed her last words and her last wish that he has to go to Ōu to meet his father. She asked GB for helping him, thinking of him as a kind male. After that she died and Weed was crying over her while GB could only watch.

After they burried her, GB ran away because he didn’t liked the idea to help that kid. He was then selfish and fearful of everything, didn’t wanted to get in anyones business so he don’t get in any trouble. But while running away from the crying kid he got guilt feelings causing him to think about himself. He stopped with his head down and realized that he should change himself, otherwise his pitiful life will never change and he will have to serve for someone the rest of his life. He ran back to the kid and agreed on helping him, still feeling insecure with that but also determined. Before they went on GB thought about giving the small puppy a name and chose “Weed”, based on the surrounding plants. He gave him this name so he will never be alone in his life because weed grows everywhere. After this they both went on to Ōu to find his father.

Monster Arc

When Weed arrives to Ohu, he first has to challenge and defeat the beast Kaibutsu who is terrorizing his father’s land. The fight tests Weed’s skills and awakens the bear-hound blood he has inherited from his father but gets injured in the process until he is found by his father’s former owner Daisuke. After Weed is healed he meets the German shepherd, Jerome, an assassin dog trained to kill Kaibutsu, and they become close friends.

Hōgen Arc

After the death of Kaibutsu, he meets the old Kishu, Akame, who tells him of his father who has been captured by Hougen. Weed now starts his journey to find more dogs who can help him defeat Hougen and his soldiers. On the way, he meets many new friends, but also many new and old enemies.

In the final battle against Hougen, Weed finally meets his father Gin. Weed fights Hougen but gets wounded badly and just as he is about to give up, he gets help from the spirits of the dead soldiers of Ohu. Weed then makes his final attack, the Zetsu Tenrou Battouga towards Hougen. He doesn’t kill Hougen but lets him live (which Hougen later gets shot by the retired policeman, Shōji Sudō.)

Monkey Arc

Weed sees a dream which implies he may have siblings. He travels to the Northern Alps with GBKyoushiro and Sasuke, but stops in Gunma as they get involved with the fight between Shōgun‘s macaques and Yukimura‘s dogs. Weed decides to help Gozaru and the other good macaques to defeat the evil Shōgun. He and Yukimura gather their forces together and attack Shōgun. They win the fight but at a bitter victory, Yukimura dies and Saheiji reveals to Weed that he was his brother.

Russian Arc

Weed returns to Ōu where he meets a female named Koyuki. He quickly falls in love with her and together they enjoy the springtime in Ōu. However, Koyuki’s owner wishes to use her as a breeding dog and Koyuki is sent away. Weed follows and frees her from her human. He takes Koyuki back to the Northern Alps where he was born and they visit his mother, Sakura’s grave.

Shortly after, Rocket arrives and tells Weed about a German shepherd named Viktor, who has killed Hakuro, the old friend of Gin, and is holding Weed’s friend, Jerome, captive. However, Weed doesn’t want to leave Koyuki and doesn’t take action until Kotetsu and GB appear. Weed then leaves Koyuki in care of Kotetsu, while he and GB travel to Hokkaido to aid Jerome and help his father.

Hybrid Arc

After Viktor is defeated. Weed and his pack travel south along with Koyuki and Kotetsu. There, Weed meets a dog that looks remarkably like him. The dog happens to be Weed’s brother, Joe. Joe has a son and fights with Weed often because he is very angry with Gin for leaving Sakura unattended in the Alps, unknown to the fact that Gin was unaware why Sakura left.

Joe also gets attacked by a large bear and gets three scars, similar to Gin’s, on his forehead. When Weed asks why Joe hates the bears so much, Joe says that the bears, called hybrids (a hybrid between a grizzly and supposedly a polar bear) killed his mate, Hitomi. Every dog tries their best to kill the numerous hybrids.

GB works up his courage and manages to wound and cut off the finger of one of the bears, but the bear claws GB in the back two times and GB dies saving Weed, who is about to get crushed by the bear’s claws, saying, ” I’m scared. I’m going to die, but at least this way I died saving you.” Weed’s pupils get remarkably small as GB breathes his last breath, and screams he will avenge him.

The final fight against the hybrid bear was long and hard; when Weed used a battouga on the hybird bear, both the bear and Weed fell into the river which leads to the huge dam. Jerome and the other dogs went in search for Weed at the river until they found that the hybrid bear was already dead as it had drowned from having its body stuck at the floodgate while Weed himself was missing. However, it turned out that Weed was still alive when he was hiding at the rocks and a young boy was taking care of him by feeding him.

When Weed had recovered from his injuries, Weed headed back to Ohu by himself and he saw that not only his friends were waiting for him, but that his mate, Koyuki, was also pregnant. Two months later, Koyuki gave birth to four puppies (three sons and one daughter) thus making Weed a proud father for the newer legends.

Ginga Densetsu Weed Anime

The Beginning

Weed in the first episode.

Weed is the son of Gin and Sakura. One day, Weed, while hunting birds for his ill mother, meets a hunting dog, GB, an English Setter. Weed attempts to steal GB’s catch, but fails to do so, despite much effort. Caught, Weed explains to GB that he needed the bird for his very ill mother. Pitiful, GB allows Weed to take the bird.

Later on, GB goes hunting ducks near a pond, this time with his packmate Sasuke. Not long after, Sasuke is caught by a guard dog. To save GB and Sasuke, Weed uses the Zetsu Tenrō Battōga for the first time, a technique only his father and grandfather Riki could perform, and severs the guard dog’s ear. But after this attack he couldn’t remember anything he did.

But another dog arrives to the scene – Smith, one of Gin’s most loyal comrades. Afraid of Smith’s powerful aura, the guard dog quickly releases Weed and Sasuke and retreats into his dog house. After having a short conversation with Weed, Smith finally realizes that he is the son of Gin.

Monster Arc

Afterwards, the three dogs meet a chained dog named Hook. From him, they learn that this is the territory of Blue, the boss dog. Hook reveals that he and his brother Kuro used to serve Blue, before Blue killed Kuro when he refused to follow orders for him.

Weed rushes off to save a young pup named Mel, who was stealing dog food for Blue. Then they learn that Ohu has been destroyed by a monster named Kaibutsu, but Blue tells them that the Ohu soldiers have gone crazy and attacked humans.

When Blue tries to flee across the road, he is hit by a truck. As Weed tries to help him, another truck drives by which was about to run over both of them but Blue saves him and gets hit again.

Weed becomes confused and asks him why he saved him, to which Blue says it was because he showed him kindness and now he wishes he could’ve met someone like Weed eariler before he dies. The next day, Weed and the others allow Mel to come with them and together they set off to go to Futago Pass.

There, Weed goes off on his own and meets the dogs, Ken and Kagetora, who tells him that the paradise has been attacked by a monster and killed most of the soldiers. Weed continues to look for his father and meets a dog that looks just like him and is convinced that its his father, the dog tells him to run away but he doesn’t and the monster, Kaibutsu, appears.

Weed gets so scared of him that he freezes and the dog pushes him out of the way, saving his life. Kaibutsu grabs the dog and bites him to death.

Soon, Kaibutsu is chased away by humans. The group later meets with Smith, who says the dog was not Gin but his substitute Tokimune. Weed is still upset over his death because he saved his life. The dogs bury Tokimune, but before they can do anything, Jerome and his pack appears to the group.

Jerome tells them that he was sent by the humans to kill P4. He also explains that Kaibutsu was a test subject and escaped the lab. Weed struggles to fight P4, when Smith jumped in and attacked the monster. The impact causes rocks to fall on them and Weed escapes. In the process, Smith’s life ended and was dug out after. At first, they thought P4 was dead.

But P4 turned out to be alive and shows up to them after they mourn the death of Smith. This starts a fight between Weed and his group against P4. As Weed, Jerome, and P4 fell from the cliff, Weed takes hold of P4’s tail and flips him over.

After when they landed, Weed’s friends find P4 impaled by a branch, but couldn’t find Weed and Jerome. They finally found them in a river, and when they were hauled up on land, Jerome joins Weed and they went off in search of Weed’s father, Gin.

Hōgen Arc

Weed in episode 10.

Weed hears from Akame that his father has been captured by Hōgen, so he an his friends go off with a small pack to go to gather more dogs and rescue Gin from Hougen. Along the way to the Southern Alps, Weed is taught how to fight by Jerome and he meets Rocket, a spy of Hougen.

Rocket, at first, tries to kill him, but later joins him after seeing how kind of a dog he is. Then, after John‘s death, Weed realizes how strong and powerful Hougen is and decides to continue looking for more dogs.

Weed makes lots of friends like HiroKyōshirō and the Ninja dog, Tesshin, who teaches him his father’s famous attack. After Tesshin teaches Weed the Battōga, Tesshin joins Weed.

Now that Weed has over one hundred dogs in his pack, he and Tesshin go inside an abandoned cabin to look for his father, Gin, only to be attacked by Thunder and Lecter, the two assassins of Hōgen that had tried to kill Kyōshirō. Shortly after this, Weed and Tesshin defeat them.

The two brothers told Weed that he was too late since Hōgen had already taken Gin along with him. Weed then tells them to promise not to work for Hōgen anymore and sets them free. However, Thunder and Lecter begin to plot an attack on Weed to kill him, and upon hearing this, Jerome appears to the two assassins and kills them one-by-one.

Weed and his pack soon find Jerome with Lecter, laying dead. He is angered and drives Jerome out of his pack, telling him that he has one life, and if he can’t understand how important that is, he doesn’t need him.

After this, Kyōshirō then sees Weed’s softness and argues with him. Then, he leaves Weed, with the rest of the dogs following Kyōshirō. Then, when Jerome was fighting Hōgen, Jerome was thrown into a river. Weed rushes to save him, and dives into the river. But instead, Jerome sacrifices himself for Weed and drowns, awaiting to meet his comrades again. Soon after being saved by his friends, Weed has a one-on-one fight with Hougen.

Weed uses Battōga on Hōgen. But Hōgen, still alive, immensely wounds him. Weed almost gives up until the spirits of the deceased Ohu soldiers come to his aid, giving him strength. Weed then uses Battōga on Hōgen once more. He almost misses, but with the help of the wind, he was able to hit Hougen successfully, finally cracking his skull and squeezing his eye.

Unfortunately, Hōgen survives, but is heavily wounded. When he was given a chance to, Weed refuses to kill Hōgen, so Gin takes down Hōgen and almost kills him. Weed pushes him away and lets Hōgen live. Gin, seeing this, declares Weed as the new supreme leader of Ohu. Hōgen isn’t touched by this at all and gets struck by lightning to death, showing that Weed was accepted as a true leader.

After this, spring begins and Weed is seen in a field of flowers. He then thinks he sees Jerome watching him for a moment but to only vanish by peddles of a cherry blossom tree. Then he hears Mel and the other dogs calling to him, and Weed turns and runs off to join his friends.

Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion

The Natural Disaster

In this new story, Weed and his pack face their new danger – violent earthquakes and erupting volcanoes had threatened Ohu. Weed helped Kyoushiro save Mel from a tree that had collapsed on top of him but vansihed afterwards. He is now staying with a human in a village with Koyuki. His front left leg is in plaster but he is able to see Mel and Kyoushiro as they are in the same village.

Weed is visited by his family after they escape the shed, but is unable to leave due to his bad leg. Orion and Sirius visit them a few times but when they don’t return for a while, Weed and Koyuki grow worried. Weed manages to get the bandage off, revealing his leg is still bruised but otherwise healed and he leaves Koyuki in the care of her owners while he makes his way back to the mountains to find his family.

When he arrives, he finds Akakamakiri being attacked and rescues him. Akakamakiri thinks that Weed is Sirius and begins to cry, but soon realizes who he is. Weed leaves him to continue looking when he runs into Masamune and his army. Weed is ambushed by his group but evades them before being attacked by Masamune. Masamune knocks Weed out briefly but Weed wakes up and shoves the dog aside, escaping battle as his family is his top priority.

The Final Battle

At the start of the final battle against Masamune, Weed and others see Masaume strike his brother Yamabiko in the throat. Weed was the first to attack him with the others following, then in the midst of the fight everyone notices that Yamabiko is still alive and discuss what to do about the kai ken’s brother. Then he sees Orion trying to attack Masamune.

Later, he watches as Orion unleashes a Battōga on the dog. Weed scolds Orion for disobeying his orders, meaning to leave Masamune alive as he believes killing him is not right. But his son shouts back at him about how evil Masamune is and he deserves to die. Orion bites his father but is easily shaken off. Weed tells Orion if he can’t understand the importance of life and continues to disobey him, he will have the young puppy exiled from Ou. As he watches Orion leave in anger but is stopped by the arrival of Andy and Kurokamakiri. Then, he sees Izou asking Orion if he could come with him to be the young pups guardian to which Weed expresses his thanks. He and others turn their attention Masamune who calls him and his father a coward for leaving him half dead but all the akita says is for the clan leader to give up because it’s over. Masamune then commits suicide rather than die by the wound given to him by Orion. With the threat over, Weed reunites with his family and makes up with Orion.

Shortly after that he goes in search of Rocket to see him safe and sound, he meets up with the rest of soldiers to express his thanks. Then, he hears Unsai tell them a story about Ben in his earlier years of how they met.

Then, he sees his children bury Kojūrō, but then, the kids are attacked by Kōsetsu, everyone wants to help but Weed tells them not to move because wants to see what the next generation of the army can do.

Tenka comes to the scene trying to control Orion’s mind. Weed rushes to protect his sons then, Tenka turns his powers on him but it doesn’t work. They watch Tenka and Unsai leave for their lands as they leave for Ohu.

On their way over the mountains they meet Daisuke, Hidetoshi and Jinemon who brought him to visit the dogs. After the humans leave, some of the dogs express their thanks to him but the akita says there is no thanks necessary since they are all comrades now. He sees Yamabiko leave for his home , then Weed turns around to see Bella safely brought to them by Akakama‘s and Kurokama’s step family.

With all of his children safe and sound Weed returns to Ohu.

Ginga: The Last Wars

A half a year has passed since the death of Masamune, and Weed has sent his children away to train at the Akame Mountains. Weed travels with some of his pack and comes across two dead dogs, killed by Monsoon’s kin.

Just as Weed is inspecting one of the bodies, he is attacked from behind by the bear. Weed is slashed across the shoulder, head and neck by the bear, critically injuring him. He falls unconscious and is carried to safety by Ken.

Meanwhile, Gin and the others hear Tesshin howling for help and send Rocket. Weed is safely taken to Gin and stays with him as the rest of the dogs gather, including those who were injured by the other bears. When the rest of the dogs were gathering, Daisuke Fujiwara lands in a helicopter nearby and takes Weed and George away for medical treatment along with Hidetoshi Sekiguchi. At the vet, Weed is being stitched up by a nurse

whilst Hidetoshi checks on George, who is put under sedation after he growls at him. Even under constant care from Daisuke and Hidetoshi, Weed does not recover very well at all. His heartbeat beats very fast and lightly. Daisuke checks on Gin while George still barks at him until Gin told him to be quiet. Although Weed is struggling to recover, he mentally promises his family that he won’t die. Weed remains in the care of Daisuke, and is still on an oxygen mask having gone into cardiac arrest. He has since been recovered and is still in critical condition.

Many weeks later, Weed has recovered, despite his critical condition back then. Now he is in a barn together with the rest of the injured soldiers out of his pack. He makes a good recovery as Daisuke and Hidetoshi bring in more dogs to treat. To his relief and joy two of the dogs coming with Daisuke are his sons Orion and Rigel, who he’s happy to see and wonders why his other son Sirius didn’t came too. But the boys just told him that he’s alright too.

His sons inform him about what has happened and he is happy to see that Paradise belongs to the dogs again. Then, he hears Orion apologize about not taking down Monsoon; but the akita says it’s okay because they aren’t ready for something like this yet. But instead blames himself for leaving the battlefield. When Rigel asks their father about Akame and Gin, he says that Akame is alright and their granddad is at Daisuke’s house.

Then, he and the others are reunited with Jerome and George as some of the pet dogs are being returned to their owners. He sees with joy that Akame has recovered his eyesight.

Back at the barn he hears from Gin what has happened back in Ohu and that Orion is handling things well for now. Then, soon Orion and Jerome arrive with the young pup looking anxious he reminds his son that he has to what six months for their injures to heal and he tries to make him understand that their feelings are the same. With that Weed watches Orion begins to leave but not before he hears Akame giving the young pup advice about training with the sickle.

After Orion’s second departure, he hears Akame mention of the secret arts of fanged ninjas and that when it comes to mastering the techniques takes great discipline of the mind and body and that Akame himself took ten years to master.

He hears Unsai’s concerns about how Orion and the young ones lose their lives so soon while the elders continue to live and also hears George’s comment about the younger generation not being as fragile as Unsai thinks agrees with him. Seeing Monsoon’s strength he knows that they have to become stronger.

After while Weed, Gin, Unsai and the others return to the rest of the pack, during a discussion Weed had to restrain Orion from attacking Sirius,

Sometime later, Weed talks with Akame about when to leave then met up with his father and sons. During the discussion he felt if there were any objections to his replacement but Gin says that everyone agrees to his decision and understood that Orion was a pivotal part of the plan. Debated to deciding when to leave by watching Chibi. Sometime later, He along with Gin heard Sirius’ painful cries and became disheartened that he left the family pack. Soon the day had arrived for the army to attack Monsoon, Weed and his comrades enjoyed what they thought would be their last sunrise and with Zion and Kurokama leading the way they found Monsoon.

During the confrontation Weed was shocked that Sirius was struck by Monsoon and flying upon finding him, he begged Sirius not to die as he couldn’t before he did fainting in the process and soon as Monsoon had died Weed and the others had returned to shore to discover that Sirius had passed too.

Ginga Densetsu Noah

After Monsoon and Sirius’ deaths, Weed and the others return to Ohu but notices that Orion has disappeared however he wasn’t too worried about it understanding that Orion needed his space. Soon after awhile he notices that all the young dogs all left to look for Orion, then was asked by Cross if was he leaving too but Weed wanted to stay behind to protect the place. Hearing Akame’s words, Weed looked up into the night and sees his son Sirius believing that like Orion he too had the qualities of a leader.

Soon he sees that Unsai and his group has returned with a small little pup, Weed hears from Unsai that Miho was found in the Haguro Mountain and that she was on her way to Ohu to find her father. He tries to ask the pup if she knew her father’s name but due to him leaving right when she was born Miho didn’t know. Getting a location Weed, Jerome and his sons head to Akatsuchi with Miho and her grandfather’s steps retraced they continue to her home.

The akita’s group continue to follow trail until they find a small pup trying to avoid them but they manage to catch up telling him they weren’t bad guys. Weed and his group simply ask the pup if they were in Akatsuchi village, but they hear from another dog that the kid’s name was Hirota and introduce themselves as the Ohu Army; soon they come across one of Crow’s subordinates and apologize for ruining his hunt. But the subordinate tries to flee and Weed was surprised to see Rocket’s group, reuniting Weed realizes that they were dealing with a problem from the same pack and he was also surprised that Crow’s subordinate knew him but was told by Kyoshiro not to be moved by flattery. Wanting to meet the subordinate’s boss they hear woman’s scream asking how close they were but when the dog expressed fear over being killed Weed confidently says they protect him.

Soon they hear Kagetora’s call for help rushing to the scene Weed introduces himself wishing to talk with Crow. From the large dog, Weed hears that others were giving his pack a bad reputation and spreading rumors seeing they need fix that and yet, they give the terrible news Hirota and Miho’s mother that Munechika had passed and apologizes for telling them. Then, was informed by the pup that Crow and his lackeys had been terrorizing them ever since Munechika and his friends haven’t returned. Weed hears Crow continuing to babble on about what happened with the bears believing they fled but Jerome retorts that they won and who was spreading rumors.

Still hearing Crows desire to fight Weed challenged him to a one on one duel telling everyone not to interfere and quickly unleashes the Battouga. Easily winning by dragging Crow up into a tree telling him that his kind will never have their way and those who can’t understand other’s pain should use themselves as the example. Then, he releases him afterwards, the akita was complimented by Kyoshiro for a good job seeing Crow’s subordinates and Crow himself leave he told his friends to let him go wanting to give him another chance.

Sensing that there could be trouble, Weed commanded George and Jerome to take everyone in the village to Ohu while he went south to deal with his family and the false rumors that were spreading. They all continued heading towards Echigo and notice a female dog with pups politely asking if she had see a young red dog but said she hasn’t but seeing that she just met the Ouu Army Weed, hears from her that the Aka-Ari had many red staff dogs in Niigata. Then they hear a scuffle to discover that Crow was being attacked by one of the packs of the Aka-Ari clan. Arriving Echigo, they see the pack eating a boar and decide to wait until done but upon closer inspection they see that the boar belonged to humans and warns them of the dangers of taking a kill from humans advises him if the red mastiff is the captain he should teach his followers better and was surprised that he wanted to recruit them to join him. But instead Weed asks them to take him to their boss then asks directly where the Aka-Ari stronghold is, heard the mastiff asks if they were remains of the Ouu Army upon hearing the Akita’s name. From them Weed also heard that because of the bears attack and the Nokizaru members dying in the war the Aka-Ari stole Kenshin’s territory with that Weed confirmed who he is and the Ouu Army wasn’t dead leaving the red mastiff and followers surprised. Weed also includes what happened to the Nokizaru clan admitting he won’t forgive those who stole the territory of their friends once again he asks them to see their boss but if they refuse they’ll do it by force. From Crow, Weed and his friends learn that even he couldn’t get along with them Japan needed their pack, as well as the Aka-Ari Army being as legendary as they are with 200 soldiers along with staff dogs that were scary and brutal.

Despite showing they were not scared they asked to be taken to their boss noted they were serious, then asked if they believe their boss is doing the right thing or if they were ashamed of their actions, seeing that they wouldn’t take responsibility for actions Weed declared them as guilty as their boss with no more stalling the akita was more determined than ever to see their boss. But the red mastiff tried to attack him but was defended by Kagetora with that Weed asks if he’ll listen now warning he’ll lose his life next time. Weed decided to spare the pack agreeing that the Aka-Ari’s commanding officer was the problem hearing the red mastiff’s situation Weed tells him and pack to leave and never work for the Aka-Ari again. Before the small army leaves, Weed hears from the captain that he was happy they survived grateful Ouu Army displayed the courage they needed and their commanding base was West. But see them leave the same way they can in Sasuke and Kyoshiro believed Weed made a bad choice but retorts believing those who are order by fear are weak and ever soldier needs to be resolute. With that aside he became more concern about Kenshin’s pack hoping they were okay.

Weed left to do some scouting with Rocket on the way they notice the scent of blood and discover two dogs burying a corpse to their surprise it was one of the pack members of the Aka-Ari clan member they met earlier but were told that the that Nokizaru territory belonged to the Aka-Ari corps advising they leave for their own safety trying not to befriend them. Even though, Weed thanks them, he asked if they were apart of the clan to which he answers yes but didn’t respect them. Realizing what the situation means Weed admits that he came to check on Kenshin’s pack, seeing one of them cry tears of joy he realizes he was talking to Kenshin’s sons Nobushi and Shikoro. He confirms what they already knew that their father and his army died in battle but played a part in their victory making Nobushi feel happy. When talking about the status of his pack Weed found that several others including the brothers had submitted to the Aka-Ari’s takeover but were still alive.

He eagerly accepted the brothers as friends and told them to gather their pack so that the Ouu Army would help with their escape and that paradise was safe again as well as do nothing hasty. Continuing on both Weed and Rocket were approached by Sasuke who was being chased by Aka-Ari troops on in an attempt to lure them away he acted as the decoy and ended up in the middle of Aka-Ari territory. Weed meets the leaders Beniou and WanWan who tells him that he has interesting features wishing to recruit him but hears that they’re the ones who took over Kenshin’s territory and soon they be wanting Ohu too. But Weed confidently says that his pack would surrender so easily but ends up in Beniou’s jaws but was spared and yet realized his ribs were broken. By the next morning, he meets the rest of Nobushi’s pack.

Needing to deliver a message to Ohu for help Weed tries to leave but couldn’t in his condition. Upon hearing Nobushi and Shikoro wanting to go in his place the supreme leader refused as they were only pups but reluctantly let’s them go. Hearing the commotion not too far away, he asked Rocket to protect Kenshin’s children but heard everything go silent. Fearing the worse, Weed believed something terrible must have happened, but seeing that he couldn’t get anywhere he asked Nokizaru elder to pull out his broken rib recovered somewhat from his injury and was refrained by the elder from doing anything he’s healed listening to the old dog Weed asks he him what of dogs are these invaders and learns they are Tibetan Mastiffs who came from a foreign country. When Weed overheard the agreement of Rigel giving their home to the Aka-Ari he was annoyed that his own son would agree to such terms, but he hears his son explain that it was only temporary as they all needed to survive first and knowing so little about their enemy and seeing that giving in to pride would cost them dearly. Fully understanding, Rigel’s intentions he became proud that his youngest son had become so reliable, he and WanWan agree to the terms but seeing Beniou not agree to the conditions a fight breaks out and Weed is rushed to safety by Ken fleeing down the mountain he sees the other 2 mastiff brothers being followed by Orion and his friends letting the red akita to watch over his brother.

As they continued to rush down the mountain, Weed sees a meteor crash into the area where his comrades are seeing the land being consumed in a massive explosion.


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