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Mukku is a former pet dog and a son of the former Ōu soldier Bingo.


He is an Akita Inu mix with fluffy white cream fur and brown eyes.


Mukku is quite soft and timid dog, since he was born as a pet. He is slightly cowardly.

He is very friendly towards humans and loves petting. At first, he isn't used to wilderness and doesn't care about wild dogs that much.

Despite being afraid, he decides to help Weed and later joins Gin. He sees Weed as a great guy and respects Gin a lot. He seems to become braver and is glad to work for Ōu.

Ginga Densetsu Weed

Hōgen Arc

Mukku is a pet dog in Ōu. His father died 3 years ago, unable to repay his favor to the Ōu leader Gin. He belongs to a family Ōyama and is at first a bit unsure and afraid to get involved into the business of the wild dogs.

He meets Daisuke Fujiwara who pets him and tells him that humans will blow up the Gajō mountain. He decided to go search for Weed, Gin's son, to warn him about the explosion. Unfortunately, he stumbles into Kamakiri's group who is also searching for Weed and the wild dogs decide to kill him. Luckily, Weed was nearby and rescued him.

Mukku tells his message to Weed and would like to follow him, but Weed tells him he should return to his owner. Mukku is glad as in a way he repaid the old debt of honor between his father and Gin, through their sons.

At his home, Mukku meets Gin who is searching for Bingo. Mukku at first mistakes Gin for Weed, but when he realizes the mistake, he quickly tells Gin of what has happened. He is then invited by Gin to join his army and overthrow Hōgen which Mukku gladly accepts. Mukku is later seen among the pack watching the final battle of Weed and Hōgen.

After the Hōgen arc, Mukku is not seen or mentioned again. It's likely that he either went back to his owner or stayed in the Ohu army.